Berit   Bergström  Senior Lecturer, NCS Colour AB Natural Color System Stockholm, Sweden

Berit Bergström
Senior Lecturer, NCS Colour AB
Natural Color System
Stockholm, Sweden


Berit Bergström

Mrs Berit Bergström is a Senior Lecturer for NCS Colour AB in Stockholm, Sweden. As the Managing Director for the NCS Colour Academy between 1991 and 2012, Mrs Bergström has decades of experience giving colour courses and presentations worldwide in NCS on a very high level. She has carried out colour design courses for countless colour professionals and has conducted colour studies at university level worldwide.  Mrs Bergström is the Past President of AIC between 2014 and 2015, and held the Presidency for 2010 to 2013. She was the chairperson of the AIC Study Group on Colour Education between 1998 and 2009. She is currently the secretary of the Swedish Colour Centre Foundation, a member of the TASCII advisory Board, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China and member of the Advisory Board for Color Centre and Informatics at the Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Thursday, June 14 - AM General Session
The Natural Colour System: A Visual Approach to Color

The Munsell Color System and the Natural Color System are both scientific systems based, partially or totally, on the visual perception of colours.

This presentation will show the background to the development of the NCS system, how it is used today in design and architecture, and illustrate the different colour attributes of Munsell and NCS.

The NCS system starts from six elementary colours, which are perceived by human beings as being "pure". The four chromatic elementary colours are yellow, red, blue and green, and the two non-chromatic elementary colours are white and black. All other colours can be described in terms of their degree of resemblance to the elementary colours.

The NCS system is a systematic method of denoting and describing colours, and the relationship between them, purely from their perceptual qualities. These are the only properties that can be seen and evaluated with the help of natural sense. Beginning with the elementary colours, I will show how it is possible to construct the three-dimensional descriptive model called the NCS colour space, which includes the whole colour world and makes it possible to describe any conceivable colour percept. 

Tuesday, June 12 - PM Breakout Session Workshop
Friday, June 15 - AM Breakout Session Workshop
Introduction to the Natural Colour System

“Choosing colours should not be a gamble.
It should be a conscious decision.
Colours have meaning and function.”
— Verner Panton from his book Notes on Colour

Colour is what we see, a subjective visual sensation. To characterize a colour you therefore have to describe what you see. It is not enough to identify a colour with pigments and their mixtures or with wavelengths and physical stimuli. How the colour is mixed, as well as the measurement data, is necessary for production, but to communicate with the customer you need a system in the way people see colours. NCS, the Natural Colour System®© is a logical colour system which builds on how the human being sees colour. The NCS notation gives you an unambiguous definition of a colour and any surface colour can be described. It can facilitate your colour specification, documentation and colour design. It is simple to decide and combine choices of colour with the help of NCS system.

A colour system does not necessarily give pretty colour combinations, but it does provide a tool for experimenting with different colour harmonies. You can develop your colour concept by observing what the colours look like and how they relate visually to each other. We will work hands-on with various colour exercises which will develop your capability and sensibility of seeing colour.