David Briggs  Artist and Teacher at the National Art School and Julian Ashton School of Art Sydney, Australia

David Briggs
Artist and Teacher at the National Art School and Julian Ashton School of Art
Sydney, Australia


David Briggs

Dr David Briggs is a painter and teacher of painting, life drawing, anatomy and colour at the Julian Ashton Art School and the National Art School, Sydney. His classes specifically on color have included “Theories of Colour”, a Bachelor of Fine Arts lecture course on the theory and historical practice of color in the Art History and Theory Department at the National Art School, “Traditional and Modern Colour Theory”, a Public Programs course primarily for secondary school teachers also at the National Art School, and a long running workshop “Colour, Light and Vision” at the Julian Ashton Art School. David is the author of a website on modern colour theory for painters, “The Dimensions of Colour” (2007- ; http://www.huevaluechroma.com/) and has contributed to publications including the chapter “Colour Spaces” in the forthcoming “Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Colour”. David is currently serving a term as Chairperson of the New South Wales Division of the Colour Society of Australia (2015 - ).

Wednesday, June 13 - AM General Session
Where is Color Education Now? The Influence of Science and Technology

Technology is constantly providing new resources for color education: to take just one example, Zsolt Kovacs-Vajna’s program “drop2color” is unprecedented in providing painters with three-dimensional representations of colorant mixing paths in Munsell space. Above all, the internet facilitates access to information ranging from rare historical texts on sites like archive.org to current publications, and allows anyone in the world to join in the task of disseminating a better understanding of color, and to have their efforts tested, refined and shared by an international audience.

This talk will discuss how applying technology and current color science to color education can help bridge the gap between the science and art of color.

Tuesday, June 12 -  PM Breakout Session Workshop
Dimensions of Colour for Artists 

The conceptual framework for object colors of hue, lightness and absolute or relative chroma remains the predominant color model among artists. This preference is in part due to the central role assigned to the representationally and compositionally important attribute of lightness. Nevertheless, other attributes of perceived color including brightness, colorfulness, saturation and brilliance are also relevant to the color problems faced by artists.

Through a combination of lecture content, Illustrations, demonstrations, interactive activities and open discussion we will explore in this workshop how these attributes of perceived color can be communicated so that they can be better understood by art students and artists.