Day 5 — Friday, June 15 — Breakout Sessions

Munsell Color Mixing (Three Hour Demo)

A demonstration of color mixing in oil paints with reference to the Munsell system.

Pre-requisite for the Munsell for Oil Painters workshop on Saturday and Sunday. 


Graydon Parrish attended New York Academy of Art before graduating summa cum laude from Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts. An internationally acclaimed artist, his paintings combine classical and contemporary realism.

MassArt Munsell Treasures (90 Minute Tutorial)

A show-and-tell demo. Experience firsthand antique Munsell devices, instructional toys, and memorabilia kept at the MassArt Library. You'll see a vintage color sphere that spins, an early version of the "color tree," a 1920s edition of Munsell's Atlas with still vibrant color chips, assorted whirligigs and Maxwell disks, as well as unpublished Munsell photos and documents.


Greg Wallace is the reference and instruction librarian at MassArt. He also holds a Ph.D. in history of art from Brown University. He has an ongoing fascination with color theory and has the pleasure of showing the MassArt Library's collection of antique Munsell objects to students and faculty every year.

Color Naming Brings People Together (90 Minute Tutorial)

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the miscommunication involved in the use of language to describe colors, and present a web application (accessible at: designed to facilitate color communication within and across languages. Participants will play the Colors of Babel, a color naming/matching card game that explores recipient-design strategies in color conversations. Playing the game will allow for individuals’ color names to be compared with the responses of thousands of participants in an online multilingual color naming experiment. By the end of this tutorial, you will understand the importance of user-centered design thinking for successful color communication.


Dimitris Mylonas obtained MSc in Digital Colour Imaging from the University of the Arts, London and completed MRes in Media and Arts Technology at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University, London. He held a research position at School of Psychology, University of Liverpool, and in the Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology, University College London. Currently he is a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, University College London, researching colour naming within and across different cultures. Since 2015, Dimitris Mylonas is Chairman of the Study Group 'Language of Colour' of the International Colour Association (AIC).

Extending Color Interactions with Form & Space (Three Hour Workshop)

This workshop session will explore how color as a dimension influences volumes, spaces, and visual constellations.


Lois Swirnoff, MFA was a student of Albers at Yale, and taught color courses at a number of universities including Harvard, Wellesley, University of California and Cooper Union.  A Fulbright fellow in Italy, she designed large scale installations of color as light. She is the author of Dimensional Color, a book on color and form and The Color of Cities: An International Perspective.

Creating a Color Forecast (90 Minute Tutorial)

Put yourself in the shoes of a color consultant and explore the process of creating a color forecast. Color forecasting is sometimes referred to as a self-fulfilling prophecy but analyzing trends is critical for businesses who must decide - sometimes years in advance - on the color of their products. The risks of getting it wrong are great, the returns on getting it right are even greater. 


Leslie Harrington Ph.D is the Executive Director of CAUS, The Color Association of the United States and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Color Association. Leslie is a professional member of American Society of Interior Designers and has held positions in several other organizations. She has an undergraduate degree in interior design; an MBA from New York Univ., Stern School of Business; and a Ph.D. in color strategy. She has held various senior management positions in the area of color strategy and color marketing over a 25-year tenure within the industry, including 16 years serving as the Color and Design Director for Benjamin Moore Paints.

Psychological Analysis with the Color Image Scale (Three Hour Workshop)

Color Image Scale, developed by Nippon Color Design Research Institute (NCD) and its founder Shigenobu Kobayashi (1925-2010), is a revolutionary 3D modeling system for psychological color space with Warm-Cool, Soft-Hard, and Clear-Grayish axes. Based on decades of research, it depicts the psychological effect of color combinations using the least number of index colors possible. The research, based on Munsell Color System and started in the early 1970’s, was initially focused on individual colors, but gradually shifted its attention towards the psychological impact and pragmatic use of color. By incorporating the semantics and human perception to the traditional color anatomy, the final product offers a cultural and societal understanding of color that serves a wide variety of commercial and educational purposes.

Although based primarily on adjectives culled from the Japanese language, Color Image Scale is highly adaptable for cross-cultural comparative study of color design. In the workshop, we will offer a systematic view of the semantics of color, and outline the color-based structure of people’s relationship to their culture and environment. After creating 3-color combinations using 130 color samples (10 Hues x 12 Tones, plus 10 Neutrals) to match certain adjectival themes, the participants will work in groups to analyze the results according to Color Image Scale. Through this exercise exposing the audience to the vast possibility of color combinations, and through the following discussion, the workshop will offer new insights into the semantics of color.


Setsuko Horiguchi graduated from the department of psychology of Waseda University in Tokyo with degree of Bachelor of Arts in Literature in 1981 and joined Nippon Color & Design Research Institute Inc. in April of 1981. Since then she has worked as a planning manager, consultant, and seminar lecturer in the fields of fashion, product, food, retail, housing, environment.  She is the editor of the biannual Japanese periodical of color trend forecast, "Season Image Color" and co-author of "Basic knowledge of Color Image", Tokyo: David publishing co., 1995. In addition to her work with NCD, she is a member of the Japan Sensory Engineering Association, Part-time lecturer at Kyoei University, Kyoei Gakuen Junior College, Part-time lecturer at the Tokyo Nutrition Foods College, Lecturer at the Nippon Barber Beauty Education Center, and a Landscape Advisor for Taito City of Tokyo.