Day 5 — Friday, June 15 — Meetings

ISCC Annual Meeting at MassArt


The Annual Meeting of the Inter-Society Color Council will be held at MassArt immediately following the Friday morning breakout sessions.

The annual meeting will last one hour and will include a brown bag lunch. 

AIC Study Groups at Munsell 2018


The International Color Association Study Groups focus on specific areas of research on topics related to color.

Three AIC Study Groups (SG) will be hosting meetings on Friday afternoon, June 15th, during the Munsell 2018 Centennial Celebration. The meetings are wonderful opportunities to gather together with people from all over the world who share your enthusiasm for expanding knowledge in a particular area of study. 

AIC Study Group on Environmental Color Design

The International Color Association will host a colloquium of the Study Group on Environmental Color Design following the ISCC Annual Meeting.

Chair Verena M.Schindler, Switzerland 

Verena M.Schindler, Switzerland 

The AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design plays a key role in disseminating various approaches of professionals from different geographical and cultural regions. Focused around a specific interest in colour as a means of environmental design in interior and exterior space, the scope of research and study is broad and encompasses colour in the built and socio-cultural environments as well as the investigation of the effects of colour upon human emotion, cognition, and behaviour.

Chair Yulia Griber Russia

Yulia Griber

The SG ECD was consolidated in 1982 at the AIC Interim Meeting on Colour Dynamics held 8–10 June in Budapest. The activities and events of the SG ECD have opened up exchanges between experts working in diverse countries around the world. At present the SG ECD includes 210 members from 40 countries and the ECD mailing list has around 600 subscribers. The means of exchange include annual meetings at AIC congresses, a website (, and publications as well as collaborations with other groups and organizations to stimulate research related to the members’ key interests. An SG ECD report is published in the AIC Annual Report (Newsletter). During the last meeting at AIC 2017 Congress in Jeju, Korea, the discussion addressed the question: How do we define ECD today with respect to colour, sustainability and wellbeing?

Our next meeting will take place at the AIC Interim Meeting, 25-29 September 2018, Lisbon, Portugal.

Munsell and Environmental Color Design

At the Munsell Centennial Celebration, the SG ECD colloquium will focus on Munsell, environmental colour, and the language of fractals and patterns.

Benoit B. Mandelbrot introduced the concept of ‘fractal’ in his French book Les Objets Fractals: Forme, Hasard et Dimension (1975). Fractals are a way to understand complexity, not just in shapes, but in systems as well. The concept of fractal is es- pecially helpful in allowing order to be perceived in apparent disorder. It suggests that variation and fluctuation on all scales are important, and related to each other. It allows the discovery of patterns and rules in the seemingly absolute chaos. Environmen- tal colour is no exception: complex and irregular, it is fractal in nature. The fractal approach treats particular elements of urban composition at different scales as integral parts of a whole sharing a common idea.

Extending the premise outlined in Christopher Alexander’s book, A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction (1977), the SG ECD colloquium will also explore environmental colour as patterns that form a language. It will look back at how the language of environmental colour design has unfolded since its inception in the 1940s. Originally the concept of environmental colour design encompassed processes of human interaction with surrounding natural factors (e.g., geographical, solar, climatic). More recently, the term implies ecological and sustainable design efforts. Environmental colour design is now playing a key role in creating the intended atmosphere in indoor and outdoor spaces. The aim is to improve a sense of well-being and comfort through the construction of aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly urban and residential facilities and public infrastructures.

Over time, the goals, instrumentation and focus of colour research have changed to address the needs of contemporary environmental colour design. The SG ECD colloquium will show how the Munsell system influenced and supported the development of environmental color research. Examples of research employing the Munsell system will trace its impact over time while illustrating and discussing the ideas of fractals and patterns in environmental colour changes on all scales of urban space.

The colloquium is scheduled to last 90 minutes.
All are welcome.

Survey on Environmental Color Design
Through this brief survey, your answers will be helpful in looking back at how the Munsell Color Order System has been used around the world to teach color and communicate color specifications.

The survey will take not more than 5 minutes to complete, and your answers will only be used for survey purposes.
If you have any questions concerning the survey, please email us at:

Thank you very much for your time! We really appreciate your input!

Co-Chairs Verena M. Schindler and Yulia A. Griber
AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design

AIC Study Group on Language and Culture

The International Color Association will host a meeting of the Study Group on Language and Culture following the ISCC Annual Meeting.

Chair Dimitris Mylonas England

Dimitris Mylonas

The purpose of this AIC Study Group on the Language of Colour (SGLC) is to discuss and share information on studies on (psycho)linguistics, semantics and semiotics of colour names and relation of these to cognitive (neuro)science of colour perception. Key topics are colour cognition, colour naming, categorisation, colour memory, colour semantics and semiotics and cross-cultural differences.

The SGLC was formed in 2010 and it has currently 157 registered members from 45 countries. We have our own website where we share our news and resources on the current developments of the language of colour related areas of research and practices (available: Our social networking platforms in Twitter (@aic_lc) and Facebook (@languageofcolour) have 440 and 814 follows respectively. You can also read about the activity of our members in the AIC Annual Reports (available at: Our last meeting was held at the AIC 2017 Congress, Jeju Island, S. Korea.

Our next meeting will take place at the AIC Interim Meeting, 25-29 September 2018, Lisbon, Portugal.

Naming Colors Across Cultures

At the Munsell 2018 meeting of the SGLC, there will be a discussion about the group's previous activities, current status and future directions, with an emphasis on cross-cultural collaborative projects between their members. Attendees will also be given an opportunity to talk about their own research interests related to the language of colour and join their international network of researchers and practitioners. Everyone is invited to contact SGLC with any questions concerning the group’s activities.

The meeting in Boston should last no more than one hour.
All are welcome - the more the merrier!

AIC Study Group on Color Education

The International Color Association will host a meeting of the Study Group on Color Education following the ISCC Annual Meeting.

Chair Robert Hirschler Hungary

Robert Hirschler

The SGCE is a large group of people (around 180) communicating through a mailing list, through which SGCE members regularly receive information on forthcoming events and reports of past events related to any aspect of colour education. The may also share their experiences through a page of the Annual Report of the AIC, dedicated to the SGCE (see the page from the last edition attached). The SGCE meets at AIC Congresses, and sometimes at special midterm or interim meetings, or special events (such as Munsell2018). At the last meeting during the AIC 2017 Congress in Jeju the following topics were discussed among the 20 participants:

  • Information on the new edition of the Master in Color Design & Technology (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Colour Physics for artists, designers and architects
  • International survey on courses of higher education

Our next meeting will take place at the AIC Interim Meeting, 25-29 September 2018, Lisbon, Portugal.

How Much Science is Not Too Much

At the Munsell 2018 meeting of the group, the topic:How much colour science is not too much shall be discussed in detail. This will be based on a poster presentation (with the same title), submitted to the meeting, in which an architect, an artist (painter), a designer and an engineer express their points. After the introductory presentation by SG Chair, Robert Hirschler, there will be some additional presentations by SG members, followed by discussion on the topic.

The meeting is scheduled to last 90 minutes.
All are welcome.