Mark Fairchild  Director, Munsell Color Science Lab Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York

Mark Fairchild
Director, Munsell Color Science Lab
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York

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Mark Fairchild

Mark D. Fairchild is Professor and Founding Head of the Integrated Sciences Academy in RIT’s College of Science and Director of the Program of Color Science and Munsell Color Science Laboratory. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Imaging Science from R.I.T. and Ph.D. in Vision Science from the University of Rochester. Mark was presented with the 1995 Bartleson Award by the Colour Group (Great Britain) and the 2002 Macbeth Award by the Inter-Society Color Council for his works in color appearance and color science. The author of the textbook Color Appearance Models, he is a Fellow of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) and the Optical Society of America. Mark was presented with the Davies Medal by the Royal Photographic Society for contributions to photography. He received the 2008 IS&T Raymond C. Bowman award for excellence in education.

Monday, June 11 - PM General Session
Munsell's Legacy: Foundation & Laboratory

One of the great legacies of Albert Munsell's work to create the Munsell Book of Color and to found the Munsell Color Company was the creation of the Munsell Color Foundation, Inc. in 1942. This presentation will review the history of the foundation and its purposes during its 40-year life. Additionally, Munsell's ongoing legacy will be reviewed through the Foundation's dissolution in 1983 with the creation and endowment of the Munsell Color Science Laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The laboratory is now entering 35th year and has a lifetime of impact commensurate with that of the foundation itself. In honoring Munsell, we will also take a look at his impact on nearly four decades of color science students at RIT. The presentation will conclude with thoughts on Munsell's future legacy and the multidisciplinary fusion of color in the arts, the sciences, and applications.

Tuesday, June 12 - AM Breakout Session Tutorial
Color Appearance, Color Order, & Other Color Systems    FULL

How do color systems work? How do they vary? Are Munsell and Pantone doing the same thing? This tutorial will examine the mathematical description of color appearance and then explore how appearance is encoded in color order systems such as the Munsell Book of Color, the Natural Color System, and the OSA-UCS. It will also explore the differences between color appearance systems such as these and other systems that are used to name, specify, and communicate colors. We will end with a short update on recent progress in the understanding of human color vision for color appearance specification.