Steve Linberg  The Classical Lab Amherst, Massachusetts   

Steve Linberg
The Classical Lab
Amherst, Massachusetts


Steve Linberg 

Steve Linberg is an engineer, educator and artist who designs and builds tools for teaching art. Along with Graydon Parrish, Steve is an artist working in the classical realist tradition that thrived from the Renaissance through the late 1800. 

Parrish and Linberg share a passion for the highest reaches of fine art, and a conviction that knowledge and rationality enhance and further the pursuit of artistic skills. Each has decades of driven experience in their respective fields. The Classical Lab is their collaborative effort to enhance the teaching of art by way of scientific tools and training materials deeply integrated with classical aesthetics.


Friday, June 15 - Breakout Session Workshop
Munsell Color Mixing Demo

Graydon Parrish and Steve Linberg will introduce color mixing using the Munsell System and demonstrate the basics of mixing color in oil paints using the Hue, Value and Chroma of Munsell.