Wendy Luedtke  Electronic Theater Controls (ETC) New York, New York

Wendy Luedtke
Electronic Theater Controls (ETC)
New York, New York

Wendy Luedtke

Wendy Luedtke is part of the Advance Research Group at the international lighting company ETC - Electronic Theater Controls. She served as a Product Manager for Color and Lighting Products for Rosco-Spectrum from the mid-2000's to the mid-2010's. She is a seasoned lighting designer with theatre, live event, fashion and architectural experience, an Adjunct Instructor at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and the Chair of the Color Committee for the Illuminating Engineering Society.

Thursday, June 14 - PM General Session
To Specify a Sunrise: Art, Science and Modern Lighting Design

For generations of lighting designers, ubiquitous, Pantone®-like systems of filters and gels provided a simple, universal language for talking about color. With the adoption of LED technology, that’s changing. Fixtures have increasingly complex spectral tuning capabilities and characteristics, and control systems allow prolific color customization. How do we reliably and consistently reference color in an additive-mixing world? And how do we help lighting professionals translate these scientific variables and near-infinite color choices into a new artistic vernacular? This session explores the ways in which these ongoing questions are shaping the lighting world.