The Future of Color Education

One of the Aims and Purposes of the Inter-Society Color Council is:
"To promote educational activities and the interchange of ideas on the subject of color and appearance among its members and the public generally."

With so many educators in attendance at the Symposium, we are taking the opportunity to host a panel discussion on the future of color education. The panel will be introduced by Maggie Maggio, Co-Chair of the Munsell Symposium and moderated by Robert Hirschler, Chair of the AIC Study Group on Color Education.


  • Harald Arnkil,  Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espoo, Finland
  • Emily Barnett, Parson's School of Design, The New School, NY, NY
  • Roy Berns, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Paul Green-Armytage, Curtin University, Perth Australia
  • Sarah Sands, senior technical specialist at Golden Paint company, New Berlin, NY
  • Lori Sawaya, architectural color consultant, Land of Color, Camp Chroma
  • Luanne Stovall, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Short Introductions

Who? What? How? and Why? do you teach about color?

Discussion Points

  • What is color education? (This is a basic question. What do we actually mean by this term? Should a simple course on some basic principles be considered color education, or is something more complex?)
  • What is color theory? (Another fundamental question. Can teaching additive and subtractive mixing + the color wheel be considered ‘color theory’?)
  • What is at the cutting edge of color education? 
  • How can we work together to promote color literacy in the 21st century?