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Danny Rich
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Parsippany, New York


Danny Rich

Dr. Danny Rich obtained his Bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Idaho in 1973. He received a Masters degree in Physics in 1977 from Virginia Polytechnic Institue and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. His research involved laser optics and its application to light scattering experiments. During his studies at VPI&SU he met Dr. Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr. who convinced him to transfer to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and work toward a Ph.D. in Color Science. In 1980, he completed his program of studies by defending his dissertation entitled, "The Perception of Moderate Color Differences in Surface-Color Space". Has been awarded the Nickerson Service award from the Inter-Society Color Council in 1999, the National Printing Ink Manufacturers award for Technical Achievement in 2008, a Thomas Alva Edison award for innovation by the Research Council of New Jersey in 2008, the Robert F Reed Medal from the Printing Industries of America in 2013, the Mattiello Memorial award from the American Coatings Association in 2015. Dr. Rich is currently the Senior Color Physicist in the Color Research Laboratory of the Sun Chemical Corporation. He has published on all aspects of Color Science and Engineering, including visual perception, instrumentation and mathematical modeling.

Thursday, June 14 - AM General Session
Calvin McCamy's Recollections of the Munsell Color System in Industrial Color Technology

The talk recounts the life-time of work of Calvin McCamy on color technology and his utilization of the Munsell color order system to solve industrially important problems. In his memoir, Mr. McCamy describes how he was constantly called in to contribute to practical application of the Munsell Color system. He was at National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) when the renotation was being derived by the OSA, he was appointed by ANSI to serve on the ISO Committee that tried to raise the Natural Color System to an international standard, he created a popular color lecture titled "The Joy of Color" that always included the description of how Albert H. Munsell developed the system and how it was used in production at the Macbeth Corporation. Later, he was responsible for the ASTM standard D1535 Standard Practice for Specifying Color by the Munsell System, including the development of the first (and likely the last) formula to invert Judd's fifth order polynomial equation mapping Value onto luminance factor.

Cal consulted with the paint lab producing the collections and contributed to the problems encountered when modern synthetic organic pigments were introduced to replace the banned heavy metal pigments. Finally he recounts how he combined his love of photography and image science with the Munsell system and developed the Macbeth Color Checker which is today, the most widely used instrument for color imaging in the world.

Calvin McCamy's career was spread between two venues, The National Bureau of Standards in Washington, D.C. where he was involved in the metrology of photographic materials and color and later, as head of research and technology for the Macbeth Corporation, a division of the Kollmorgen company and the commercial Munsell Color Paint Lab.